Over the knee: Skirt lengths through the years

There’s no doubt women’s fashion has evolved over the years. What was deemed normal in the past is different to what we view as normal today. A prime example of how fashion trends have changed can be seen when looking at skirt lengths…

Tightly bound corsets and bell-shaped skirts used to be the norm amongst women in the early 1900’s.

It was not acceptable for women to show their legs so they would wear floor length skirts and dresses to ensure they were fully covered. 

The roaring 20s saw the arrival of the dropped waist dresses that ended just below the knee. A very popular style which we still see in the Gatsby style adapted to fashion today.

Although lengths varied throughout the years depending on what was in style at the time, the invention of the mini-skirt by Mary Quant in 1965 was a real game changer in women’s fashion.

As women became more independent and confident, it became fashionable to show off your legs whether the sun was shining or not. So, as our skirts got shorter, it’s no surprise that the demand for effective hair removal increased.[1]

Some of the oldest forms of hair removal include razors made from flints, tweezers, creams and stones. Another form of hair removal was walnut oil and bandages.[2]

Luckily hair removal has evolved in time with fashion. Whether it is depilatory creams, shaving or waxing – there is a form of hair removal to suit every woman.

Do you have a mini-skirt or short-shorts that you’re dying to wear but can’t because you don’t have the time to get to a salon?

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Don’t hide those pins away, embrace your silky smooth legs and show them off to the world with confidence!

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