How to care for your skin when shaving

Prepare your skin for action

Avoid products that dry out the skin
Keeping your skin moisturised is important if you shave often but, if you’re choosing the wrong products, they can actually make your skin drier. Avoid using hand soap or shower gel as a shaving aid. 

Only use normal razors on wet skin
Not only is your daily shower or bath a great way to relax, soaking your skin in warm water before shaving minimises irritation because it makes the hair thick with water and helps it to come away from the skin more easily. Save leg shaving for last by doing all your other bits first, like shampooing and conditioning your hair – this way you’ll be ready to roll by the time you get around to shaving. 

Exfoliate before shaving
Regular exfoliation will remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin and help to prevent shaving bumps and ingrown hairs. This is because your razor will then be able to deliver the closest shave possible. You can use a loofah in the shower or massage in a body scrub to damp skin, focusing on the areas that you remove hair from. Don’t ever exfoliate after shaving as this could cause irritation.

Protect against nicks and irritation
The most valuable thing that you can do before shaving is apply a product to help the razor glide smoothly and create a buffer between the blade and your skin. This prevents nicks occurring whilst you shave and cuts down on razor bumps and skin irritation. Apply a generous amount of shaving gel to damp skin and lather it up before you put your razor to work. Or try our Miraculous™ Oil – unlike with gel, only a thin layer of oil is needed to protect the skin, just make sure to spread it around evenly with your hands. The blend of natural origin oils, including argan oil and avocado oil, moisturises and prepares the skin for shaving.

Shave like a pro

Don’t use any old razor
Be selective with your razor choice, not all razors are the same. If you’re in the habit of using your partner’s old razor, then there’s more chance you’ll cut yourself when shaving.

Choose a model that’s designed to fit the curves of a woman’s body and never use an old disposable razor or keep the same blades on a reusable one for too long – sharp and clean blades are essential. If your blade is blunt, you may need to shave in the same place more than once to remove the hair and this can irritate the skin.

Make sure you’re doing it right
How you should shave depends on the body part you’re working with.  If you’re shaving your legs, shave in upward strokes starting from the ankles. When it comes to underarm hair, shave in short, gentle strokes and go in a few different directions – up, down and sideways – hair here can grow in different directions. For the bikini line, start by shaving in the direction that the hair is growing in and then shave backwards against the direction of growth. 

Use a light touch
Whichever area you’re shaving, you should never have to press hard with your razor – as long as the blade is clean and sharp the hair will come away easily. Always use a light touch and go for slow and steady strokes, being extra careful around knobbly bits like knees and elbows. Rinse your razor blade between strokes to wash away the build-up of shaving cream, oil and body hair. 

After shaving 

Rinse, dry and repeat
Rinse skin and pat skin dry with a clean, fresh towel. Don’t over rub the skin after shaving as it could be sensitive and avoid taking a hot shower immediately after or going in a sauna or steam room. You can shave every day if you like but it’s better to do it every other day to help your skin recover a bit and prevent against irritation.

Use the right skincare products
When it comes to post-shave care, avoid products that contain alcohol and use soothing balms, pure aloe vera or natural origin  oils instead. 

Apply Veet Miraculous™ Oil
Reward your skin after hair removal with a nourishing treat or use Veet Miraculous™ Oil daily instead of your usual body lotion. Our new multi-benefit oil is perfect for before and after shaving, as it softens stubble and helps minimise ingrown hairs. It’s also rich in vitamins and Omega 3s, and leaves skin silky-soft for 24 hours.   Apply it after your morning shower to add a healthy-looking lustre to the skin and keep moisture locked in throughout the day. Or use it after your bedtime bath to restore and repair skin’s integrity as you sleep. The blend contains sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, argan oil, shea butter, avocado oil and camelina oil.