Blogger Stories: Waxing Your Boyfriend!

The world of hair removal is certainly not a girls-only zone. Although male hair removal is sometimes seen as slightly taboo, fashions and attitudes are ever-changing. These days many men prefer to sport a smooth torso, or a pair of hairless underarms, and why not? Sometimes a little helping hand can go a long way.

We asked some of our favourite lifestyle bloggers about their experiences of waxing their trusting male counterparts! 

“The waxing world is changing – it is becoming a huge fashion statement. Men are becoming more aware of fashion and their knowledge of looking sleek and groomed is at an all-time high!

Each man has his own style, some men prefer to keep their body hair and others prefer to get rid of it. For the men out there who need help or advice you have come to the right place! As an avid user of Veet products I have some advice for them if they feel they want to pick up the courage to take the first step in waxing:

-          The first time you must go to a professional, this will prevent you from the horrid fear of ripping your skin off.

-          Second, exfoliate the area two or three days after waxing to help prevent ingrown hairs (Do this every three days, I would suggest).

-          Thirdly, if you hated your waxing experience, Veet have also hair removal cream for men, which is painless and effortless. I myself have used Veet’s hair removal cream for sensitive skin on all areas* and I have never had any issues.

-          Fourthly, if you feel waxing isn’t a problem for you, Veet also have amazing waxing kits like the Veet Spawax Stripless Wax Warming Kit, it gives amazing salon like results!! If you want to go for a cheaper option Veet also supply waxing strips.

I hope this helps!”

By Ciara @ CiaraSwalsh Blog


“I was off to Malia on holiday with the boys a few years ago, and as one of the only girls in a group of 12, I somehow managed to convince my boyfriend and his friend that they would both look much better with hair free chests. My boyfriend didn’t really have much hair to start with, but Stefan probably has the hairiest chest and stomach I have ever seen.

Two days before we left, we all got together for the ceremony. It’s always good to wax at least twenty-four hours before hitting the beach after all! They got really enthusiastic about it, and even went to the shop, and bought the wax themselves before I had gotten the chance.

Andrew’s wax was over in a flash, but Stefan had a tougher time. At the time, I hadn’t even waxed myself before so the whole process was new to me too! I didn’t realise how strong you needed to be when tackling thicker hair, so my first attempts were a bit of a disaster and left him with half a waxy strip stuck to his chest. At first each strip I pulled off left him screaming like a little girl, but luckily I got the hang of it after a short while. Andrew and I were in fits laughing throughout the whole ordeal! 

In the end, they were both actually pretty pleased with the results, but unfortunately, I don’t think they’ll be doing it again.”

By Georgina @ Georgina Does


“When my mum got a jar of Veet wax for Christmas (not sure that was the most tactical gift my dad ever gave her!), it seemed that the most obvious way to test out its promises of being practically painless, was by trying it out on my unsuspecting uncle at Christmas dinner.

He's not exactly the kind of man who's into all the new male beauty trends such as hair removal, either by depilatory creams or waxing. He's a straight up razor-to-the-face kind of guy! Slightly tipsy with the Christmas sherry, he didn't notice me and my cousin slathering the wax onto his (rather hairy!) arm, but he definitely did notice as we pulled it off!

To be honest, I think he was more upset about the fact that he'd have to go to work the next week with a rather obvious patch of baldness on his arm than the mild shock when we tore the strip off him. Now just to try and persuade the boyfriend to allow me to test it out on him too! ;)” 

By Sian @


A big thanks to all of our bloggers for getting involved. How about you? Have you noticed a shift in attitudes about male hair removal? Have you had any experience waxing your other half?


*Suitable for use on legs, arms, underarms & bikini line