Male Back Hair Exposé

Ah, back hair! Unlike hair on other parts of the male anatomy, back hair can sometimes be viewed rather negatively in the eyes of both males and females. Whereas chest hair might be seen as sexy and manly by some, back hair, on the other hand, is not always seen as such a desirable thing to have in bundles.

A little Back Hair History

Back hair, as with hair on other parts of the body, evolved from long before humans ruled planet Earth. Studies published in the Journal of Human Evolution show that one reason that hair developed was to protect the body from extreme temperatures. Most men will grow back hair to some extent, as it is one of the areas where hair grows during puberty.[1] On some men, it is very thin and hardly visible, whilst others will have dense, coarse back hair.

The Testosterone Effect

Perhaps unsurprisingly, testosterone has something to do with it. Testosterone is part of a group of chemicals called androgen that occurs naturally in men’s bodies, and fuels hair-growth. Most men have around the same level of testosterone, but some men’s bodies may be more sensitive to testosterone than others, which enlightens us as to why some men get more hair in some places of the body than others.[2]

Also, every individual hair follicle may vary in their sensitivity to androgen. This can explain why, sometimes, hair may grow in patches and appear to be denser on one part of the back.[3] It may come as some of a surprise to hear that testosterone levels actually continue to increase until around the age of 70. This is the reason why older men can often develop a hairy back, even if they didn’t when they were younger. Most male hair will carry on growing as men age, particularly in areas where maybe there wasn’t so much hair before. [4]

Gain some, loose some.

Why do some older men go bald then? This is because on the scalp, lies an androgen called DHT. Hair follicles on the scalp are particularly sensitive to this androgen and a reaction causes the hair follicles to shrink, eventually to the point where they cannot support the growth of a new hair.[5]

Thinking short-term

If you would rather try out the smooth look on a short term basis, hair removal cream can be an effective way of getting the job done. Veet Hair Removal Cream has been developed to work effectively just three to six minutes after being applied to your skin[8]. For a no-mess option, the cream is also easy to wash off in the shower. Again, as the back can be a very difficult area to reach, we recommend you enlist the help of a trusted friend or partner. If you aren’t sure you’re ready to commit to permanent hair solution, you may find that this could be the best option for you!

As trends change and the world of cosmetic advances, more and more men are opting to remove unwanted hair. If back hair is becoming an unruly issue for you, we hope this has helped you find the hair-removal option that’s right for you.