Staying Out for the Summer

Long days, warm nights, and sunny spells: many people say that summer is their favourite time of year, when nature is in full bloom and we get a chance to spend more quality time outdoors. But while lots of us enjoy the hot temperatures of the summer months, it can come with its share of beauty challenges, from hair removal to sun exposure. And while it’s always important to stay safe when it comes to showing off your skin, there’s no need to hide away in the shade completely. Here are some top tips to preparing your skin for the summer months, and managing healthy glowing skin.

Love your Smooth Legs

What’s one of the first things that happens when the summer hits? Hemlines get shorter, of course! It’s great to be able to break out your summer wardrobe again, but for many people, dry skin can be an off-putting factor. However, there are measures you can take so your legs don’t suffer the shock of sudden exposure. Moisturising is essential, especially after bathing[1]. With that in mind, it can also be good to consider cutting down on hot lengthy showers, which can dehydrate your skin[2]. Shaving isn’t always suitable for dry skin, as the sharp blade can scrape away your skin’s natural oils which help prevent dryness[3]. You may wish to explore other options such as waxing, which requires less frequent contact with the skin. For the best results, it’s good to stick to this practice throughout the year, and not just in the summer months, so your legs will be ready to take on any fashion trends the summer brings2.

Getting Bikini Ready

It’s not just legs that get exposed. If you are heading to the beach this summer, you may be hoping to rock your brand new bikini. The bikini area can be a sensitive spot when it comes to hair removal, but there are great options available that suit even sensitive skin. For a last-minute solution, depilatory creams can be a wonder. A quick and simple option is to apply Veet In Shower Hair Removal cream while you are in the shower, and remove in as little as five minutes [4] – just in time to shampoo and condition your hair! If you are looking for a more long-term solution, Veet’s Easy Grip wax strips are especially designed to tackle those hard-to-reach areas, and can give you smooth results for up to four weeks. These can also be a great option if you don’t have time to remove hair before your holiday - just pack them in with your holiday luggage!

Summer should be a time to celebrate your natural glowing skin. But with all this talk of sun exposure, it’s important to remember that UV protection is essential. Then you can step out confidently, whether you’re taking up a new sport or baring all at the beach. Don’t let hair removal or dry skin be a challenge for you. With these top tips, you can be on your way to showing off your glowing, healthy skin in no time.